Pegasus Opera Utility Programs

RTI Submissions
  • Handles all submission types (EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR, EYU)
  • Particularly suitable for payroll bureaus, making submissions for multiple companies within a pay period
  • Captures and submits all outstanding FPS submissions for all company PAYE references in one operation
  • Captures tax codes, student loans, and NINO verification notices from the HMRC Generic Notification Service for automatic update to the payroll files
  • Provides a history of submissions made
Employment Intermediary Reporting
  • Creates compliant files
  • Links with HMRC upload site
  • Retains a history of data reported
Auto Enrolment Letters
  • Provides a link to a series of Microsoft Word template letters
  • Editable word substitution criteria
  • Automatic production of letters appropriate for the current Auto Enrolment Status of each employee
Stock Reconciliation

Interrogates all stock records and reports discrepancies of:

  • Total SOP orders and allocation values to warehouse sales order and allocated stock balances
  • Total works order, allocations and WIP values to warehouse works order, works order allocated and WIP balances
  • Total purchase order outstanding values to warehouse purchase orders outstanding balance
  • Traceable batch balances to warehouse balance
  • Traceable serial number records to warehouse balance
  • Stock balances to warehouse balances
  • Optionally updates corrections to stock and warehouse balances
VAT Returns

TMC Software can provide a comprehensive solution for automatic submission of VAT returns to the Government Gateway.

VAT 100
  • Nominal reconciliation
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Adjustments
  • Audit report
  • Submission history
  • Multiple company consolidation into one VAT return

Drill down functions are provided for each daybook with options to print, thus enabling accurate verification of each VAT source.

Nominal reconciliation enables postings made to the nominal VAT control to be compared with the VAT return and identify direct postings which may be applicable for adjustments.

Fuel surcharges can be recorded for each car and an adjustment will be automatically generated for subsequent returns.

EC Sales List
  • Extracts from sales history where EC VAT is not active
  • Pre-submission data editing
  • Audit report
  • Submission history
  • Extracts from sales history where EC VAT is not active
  • Pre-submission data editing
  • Audit report
  • Submission history

NB. The program is a reporting tool only and no postings or adjustments are made to the Opera data files.

Stock Deletion
  • Removes a specific stock record
  • Removes all stock records with no movement after a specified date
Rename Stock Code
  • Replaces a specific stock code with a new code and updates all related transactions in all modules
Assembly Component Replacement
  • Replaces an existing component code with an alternative component code for all assembly structures containing the existing code