RTI Submissions
· Handles all submission types (EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR, EYU)
· Particularly suitable for payroll bureaus making submission for multiple companies within a pay period
· Captures and submits all outstanding FPS submissions for all company PAYE references in one operation.
· Captures tax codes, student loans and NINO verification notices from the HMRC Generic Notification Service for automatic update to the payroll files.
· Provides a history of submissions made.

Employment Intermediary Reporting
· Creates compliant files
· Links with HMRC upload site
· Retains a history of data reported

Auto Enrolment Letters
· Provides a link to a series of Microsoft Word template letters
· Editable word substitution criteria
· Automatic production of letters appropriate for the current Auto Enrolment Status of each employee

Stock Reconciliation
Interrogates all stock records and reports discrepancies of:-
· Total SOP orders and allocation values to warehouse sales order and allocated stock balances
· Total works order, allocations and WIP values to warehouse works order, works order allocated and WIP balances.
· Total purchase order outstanding values to warehouse purchase orders outstanding balance.
· Traceable batch balances to warehouse balance
· Traceable serial number records to warehouse balance
· Stock Balances to Warehouse Balances
· Optionally updates corrections to stock and warehouse balances